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When planning a road trip, the first step to getting to the destination would be to determine the best path to get there.  The same planning steps apply to managing money.  A Miner’s Guide to Money is designed to help students better understand how to set financial goals, create a budget, and manage savings and spending while in college.

Financial planning involves developing a personal money management process. Do you want to save money to purchase books for the next term?  Or perhaps you want to travel abroad to expand your college experience?  Or maybe you want to save money you earn during an internship job experience to help you pay for your first car.

A Miner’s Guide to Money will provide tools, strategies and resources meant to help students plan for, and achieve, their financial goals,  or their “financial destination.” 



The information on this website is intended to help manage financial issues common to college students. It is not advice from a certified financial planner. Any links and resources are provided as a service and UTEP is not responsible for their content.